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Have the best costa rica trip to enjoy from this country

best place to travel costa rica

Of the most interesting things you can decide to do on your trip to Costa Rica. And one of the most requested and exotic destinations in this area is the Poas Volcano. which has around it a very varied grove, because Costa Tica has the most impressive biological reserves in Central America. This volcano as a whole forest full of clouds and is the well-known natural wonder as a costa rica  trip destination. 

It is located approximately ninety minutes from the capital city of Costa Rica. And added to that has the crater that although it is incredible is one of the largest on the planet. they have as a measure 365 meters in diameter, and also has a jade-colored lake that will undoubtedly leave you speechless. We must not forget that its last eruption was in April 2017.

So it is considered one of the most active. Which is why your visit is done as all the corresponding safety equipment to avoid any eventuality. Do not overlook that you want to get to Poas by private car without the need for a primate excursion. Traveling a road that is not so pleasant to cross. For example. By car you could reach the Irazú volcano that is 3,432 meters.

Or the turriabla, which are considered the two highest in Costa Rica, which are located ninety minutes away from Poás. In the San José area, one of the best Costa Rica vacation spots.

Visiting one of the best destinations in your costa rica trip

If now we talk a little more about a warm, fun, familiar climate, although also with a lot of adventurous characteristics. We can talk about Tortuguero. it is a national park, which is a beautiful destination, we can find it on the shores of Caribbean Sea. Well known because it has a green turtle nesting coast, which can be considered the most relevant in this hemisphere.

Finding the Tortuguero National Park is only possible by air or sea. However, it is worth it for all the beautiful things you will experience. For example. the incredible diversity of flora that it has, the exotic fauna and the pleasant tropical climate. Since there is like a rainy climate, between the forests and the coasts make the perfect contrast to enjoy all that for your Costa Rica family vacation.

Among the animals that you can recognize we have crocodiles. A sloth bear that will remind you of the movies you have seen. A manatee or even a great jaguar, And it could easily be one for you to have the best Costa Rica trips for families.

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However, we must bear in mind that in order to visit the part of the turtles. It would be better if visitors make their reservations in the months of June and September. Moments in which you can see how the turtles that have just been born take their first steps towards the sea. Which happens 60 days after spawning.


Knowing about the best places for your Costa Rica trip

Although the vast majority of tourists go to Tortuguero National Park to see how turtles are born. And take their first steps towards the sea. It is also very good to visit even if it is not in the months of June to September. because there is an incredibly extensive and equally usable fauna that spawns from turtles. Such a great place for best Costa Rica excursions.

We also have as one of the best destinations to visit the Rio Celeste waterfall. If you are a person who likes quiet landscapes, the harmony of nature, take photos, or simply admire a spectacular view. This would be your best Costa Rica destination, since it is undoubtedly one of the jewels in Costa Rica in terms of beautiful landscapes.

It is almost certain that during the tour in conta rica you will see several places similar to the celestial river waterfall. Such as the waterfalls, but I assure you that the particularity of the beauty of this, will dazzle you. And it is mainly because of how the celestial colors of its waters contrast with the strong green that the forest has. One of the best Costa Rica vacation spots.

best place to travel costa rica

That combination of colors will leave you amazed and surely taking many photos. To be able to reach these waters of more than thirty meters. You must cross a path of approximately 30 minutes through the jungle. Until you find stairs that will take you to the base of the waterfall, all this in the Tenorio Volcano National Park.

Enjoy the most of your time in your Costa Rica trip

Without underestimating the other landscapes that are in the route of these trails. You can see a beautiful blue lagoon. The dyes of the celste river, an area of bubbles that are due to the salinity of gases by the Volcano. And all this accompanied by a place where the transparent waters of the Quebrada Agria River and the Buena Vista River meet. Those are the ones that will form us that spectacular celestial color that is witnessed in Rio Celeste.

Finally we’ll talk about the sand, the Arenal volcano, we find that it is located in La Fortuna. A district of Costa Rica, which is home to the most beautiful volcano in the world. This giant volcano has 1,670 meters and it’s a great attraction for amateur and professional photographers. Who decide to do tourism for the natural wonders Costa Rica has. It’s one of the Costa Rica top destinations

The hiking trails are a great opportunity to see very rare wild animals. As it would be in the path of the jaguar, and endless number of birds. Without overlooking that all this planning is more advisable to take it by the hand with qualified equipment. A guide, who provides all the help and information necessary to enjoy it to the fullest. And in the most responsible and appropriate way of all these natural beauties.

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