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Your best adventure with the Costa Rica top destinations

best adventures costa rica

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, which has many beautiful and charming destinations. That, you and your family can visit whenever you want, but especially will be of good enjoyment during vacation dates. Surely you will be delighted by the excellent weather, the delicious gastronomy, and good prices in hotels and tourism.

The beautiful country has ideal places for all types of people, starting with tourist places where there is tranquility. A lot of interesting historical content, places dedicated to sport for fans who want some sports activity in their vacations. Also places where group enjoyment is guaranteed, ideal to go out with family or a group of friends. In each of these places you will have the best Costa Rica vacation.

It’s a country that you’ll love for many reasons, although yes, it has incredibly beautiful and unmissable places to visit. You will also find some totally adorable inhabitants who will treat you as if you were at home. A joy that you will notice that always invades the Ticas, which is how habitants of Costa Rica are called.   And those who daily make sure that it is always the best time to visit Costa Rica for you.

How to have an unforgettable adventure in Costa Rica top destinations?

There are ways in which you can get the best out of it if you’re in a Costa Rica trip. And the first thing to keep in mind is undoubtedly to take the necessary measures and tools. So you can have the best possible experience during the trip, and below, I will comment on some of them. Just for you to have in mind.

First thing would be to make sure to carry out reservations plans only with official Costa Rica tour companies. since this will guarantee a safe experience without unforeseen events that may compromise the enjoyment of your stay. and that surely they will always be those who will have the best prices and the best destinations reserved.

Another thing to take into consideration and never overlook, or pay less attention, would be the weather during the holidays. Consider the weather conditions not only to be informed, but also to have the knowledge of the local conditions. This way, you could choose better the activities that would be best for you at the time. Also with the weather forecast that is usually very accurate and you surely could decide whether go out or not.

Weather In Costa Rica

This way you can know whether is convenient to stay at home having hot chocolate because of a rainy day. or if it will be a beautiful sunny day ideal to go to the beach to go swimming with friends. This is how you determine the best time to visit costa rica, for you to have the best experience possible.

What to know before visiting Costa Rica top destinations?


You are never in the knowledge of all the important aspects of a place before traveling. But we can definitely give some tips for you to keep in mind before going to Costa Rica for vacation. We can mention that you will use more dollars than colones, which is the official currency of Costa Rica. however you could use both currencies without any problem.

This is because tourism companies, supermarkets, and stores in general preferably accept dollars instead of colones. This for the current exchange rate between these currencies, which is very unequal being the change $1 = 560 colones. If you are traveling in a town, it would be indicated to have certain amount of colones in your wallet. So you can buy things of low value. All this considering that ATMs do not exist in all towns.

costa rica trip

And as a last tip, that the police is in the right and duty to stop you at any time. And request your identity documents, it never hurts to be warned and always have your passport or a copy of it. All this for security reasons, more than anything we notice in border areas such as the border with Nicaragua. Or between Costa Rica and Panama.

The Costa Rica top destinations that you should visit without a doubt

Costa Rica has wonders throughout its territory, beaches, national parks, mysterious forests, meandering rivers. it is impossible to mention only a few when referring to costa rica family vacation. But we can highlight those that are slightly more popular than the rest. such as:

  • Volcan arenal y la fortuna National Park. Which was one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica, and now is only a beautiful landscape.
  • Corcovado National Park. It has great popularity because it is considered one of the national parks with a wider biodiversity in the world. which makes it a perfect Costa Rica destination.
  • Bahia Drake. It particular stands out for all the ecotourism it offers for those travelers who want to be related to nature.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park. This is one of the places with the best beach in costa rica to visit. And although it is not the largest destination, it has in its favor to have a lot of activities available. Such as: hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, rappel, fishing, skydiving, and guided tours.
  • Monteverde Forest. For adventurous people without a doubt this destination is one of the favorites. standing out for its cloudy climate and almost suspense movie. the Monteverde Forest also has a large number of different species in both animals and plants.
  • Tortuguero National Park. This wonderful place is known mainly for being the habitat and home of sea turtles. Which there are 4 species in total living this national park. And if that were not enough to have half of the existing species of sea turtles. It is also habitat of the Antillean manati, currently in danger of existence. The best costa rica family destination.
  • Matapalo, It won the ecological blue flag award for its dedication to conserving green areas and everything in it.

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