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It’s a protected place that has a legal category that makes it obligatorily cared for and conserved. Is state’s responsibility of taking care of any national park. National parks are usually located in areas of low development, generally have places with an abundant and perfect flora and fauna. With general atmosphere that most of the time is the last considered with species in danger of extinction. Up next you can take a look at how to enjoy the best national park Costa Rica has to offer.

In the same way, parks stand out in areas of particularities in terms of the terrain due to its origin. Very often we have all the desired characteristics fulfilled, the fact that the national parks allow us to enjoy. The grandiosity of the outdoors in its extension, are unique, to finally be able to put aside the excessive development. A perfect place for the best family vacation.

Without highlighting so much the fact that the concept of national park is not so old in the western zone. In the Asia are the first large works to keep tracts of land under government control for its protection. The oldest well-kept place known to date is the Sinharaja Forest, which is located in Sri Lanka. which is a forest reserve and more than thirty years ago, was proclaimed human heritage.

It’s in the peninsula of osa in the southern part of Costa Rica, it’s located in the Osa conservation area. It is known for being taken as very prestigious within the national parks of the country. Its wide range of diversity of both fauna and flora, is surprising. And they have categorized it as the most intense park in the world, speaking in terms of biodiversity. Which could be best Costa Rica destination.

Most interesting things about the best national park Costa Rica give us to visit

When you visit the park, it is open to the visit but for this you have to make reservations in advance. All this must be done in Puerto Jimenez, on the coast of this peninsula. Several tourist accommodation sites have their own biological reserves within the Corcovado area. Is one of the best Costa Rica vacation spots.

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There are two best known roads, the first that goes the length of the thing, and one inside this. There are four ranger establishments, some are located when entering the park, and another at the crossroads of the roads. Right now visitors are only allowed to spend the night camping in La Sirena and San Pedrillo. It would be a fabolous place for a Costa Rica trip.

Speaking of the plant part we have many species of palm trees. The doser is made up of trees which measure up to 50 meters high. Of the types of arbs that grow in. Those are: Laurel, Mahogany, Coral oak, golden fruit, ojoche, cedar maria, botarrama, ceiba, almond, pylon, jabillo and jaliván. In this place there are more than 500 species of trees, a third of what exists in the whole country.

Activities that you should know about the best national park Costa Rica

When we talk about the activities that are done in the corcovado park what we think is the practice of hiking. it is something that is not overlooked. However, if we try to notice all the extension and diversity of what we can do and see in the park. We will realize that when entering we can experience unique forms of access, or if we are in a group. Then book an excursion that has more than one area in it.

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Unlike other national parks in the country where they can enter without major problem with a guide or alone. If you wish, not here, here you can only visit with a guide. There are several sectors that you can’t miss for the best Costa Rica excursions:

Sirena Camp:

It is one of the best known and visited areas, in fact most tourists and travelers end up in this sector. In this place you can have some trails, and could travel more than twenty kilometers, which of course, are guided. And something fascinating about this sector is that when the tide is high you can see crocodiles and sharks.

San Pedrillo Camp

It could be said that it is in the top three of the highlights of the Corcovado National Park. There is the waterfall trail, which has an extension of one and a half kilometers, the weeping trail that has seven kilometers. And the Pargo trail, which with its two and a half kilometers give you an excellent tour. So you can have the best Costa Rica trip.

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The lioness Camp

The most outstanding thing about this area is that at certain times of the year. It is possible to visualize the spawning of many turtles and their births.

El Tigre camp

In this place you could take a walk along some viewpoints. It would be convenient to emphasize that this trek is of great level and has approximately seven kilometers.

Ducks camp

Particularly has more than one trail. But Jus is now closed for a Costa Rica trip.


It can only be visited with a hired guide since the trip itself is complicated. The part of authorizations for private transport, and also administration to obtain tickets to the national park. So it is best to use the excursion, the best Costa Rica destinations are:

  • Snorkeling on island of the year, ideal for athletes and fans for the maritime beauty that can be achieved in this area of Costa Rica.
  • Diving on the island of Caño, to enjoy reefs and corals in the best way and as a family if possible.
  • Night walk for those tourists who want a quieter, cozy plan. Maybe to walk as a couple or to take many photos with friends or family in the best family vacation.
  • Bird watching, because it is not a secret that Corcovado National Park has a multiple diversity of animals. Especially birds then it is the right opportunity for you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the unique species that are throughout the extension of the park.

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