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4 Big Reasons to Visit Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna

things to do in La Fortuna

4 Reason to Stay in Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna

The Arenal Volcano is in the town of “La Fortuna”, about 2 hours from San Jose and 3 hours from Liberia Airport Guanacaste. This amazing area is one of the 4 most popular destinations in Costa Rica because has many things to do in La Fortuna.

The Arenal Volcano is a perfect shape cone that you can see from every corner of la Fortuna. This volcano is part of the 5 volcanoes in the Guanacaste volcanic range, it was active from 1968 to 2011 with more than 10 pyroclastic eruptions every day, at this time the volcano is dormant however there many reasons to visit this beautiful paradise of Costa Rica.

First Big Reasons to Visit Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, is because this is immersed in the rain forest of Costa Rica. The question here is what´s mean rain forest? Well the best answer for this question is “a portion or land where the rain has more precipitation” yes more rain than other areas of Costa Rica. Around 11 ft of rain per year.

Second Big Reasons to Visit Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, rain forest does not mean only rain, it has more to show us. This area has a rich biodiversity, including wild cats like jaguars, ocelots, magueys, jaguarundi, toucans, sloths, snakes, and much other species that you can see when you visit Arenal Volcano.

Thirdly, the Arenal Volcano has a large variety of hotels, lodge and hot spring resorts where you can choose according your budget, in the town of La Fortuna also you can find souvenirs stores and local restaurants.

Finally, you can also have several excursions for example: you can visit Mistico Hanging bridges, Ecocenter Danaus, Arenal Sky Adventure, White Water Rafting at Rio Balsa, Paddle boarding at the Arenal Lake or visit la Fortuna Waterfall.

There are more things to do in La Fortuna, if you need private transportation or any advice please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with recommendation about where to stay in La Fortuna or what to do in the Arenal Volcano

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